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Why Shopify Is the Better Software

In as much as Magento is a serious competitor of Shopify, some factors make Shopify the first choice for many new online entrepreneurs. We all know that being new is not easy anywhere especially in a business environment. If you are considering opening an online shop, here are the reasons why you would want to go with Shopify;

  • Easy steps to set up and get going

Shopify is the most straightforward e-commerce software you will ever find on the market. With easy to follow steps needed to set up, you will find convenience. Another good thing about Shopify is that you will see everything you need under one roof. Access to your Shopify account gives you access to various things like POS and site security status information under one roof. That is because there is a free hosting that comes with Shopify. Compared to Magento, you might require to have basic e-commerce knowledge to be able to set up correctly. Since they don’t provide hosting, you will have to be ready to run your business from more than one dashboard.

  • Shopify is affordable compared to Magento

When building your online business management system from either Shopify or Magento, you need to use various applications depending on what you need. With Shopify, you have access to applications at a lower price compared to apps available for Magento. More so, designing your site using Magento will see you incur more expenses since you have to buy the resources needed for the design. Compared to Shopify which comes with free pre-designed site themes, you will realize that you don’t need so much energy to get your shop looking perfect.

  • Shopify will host your shop for free

Hosting is a critical factor when it comes to e-commerce. A good hosting means that your business will run smoothly without speed and security issues. Shopify has particular e-commerce servers that they use to host online stores for free. This way, they give their clients an added advantage to the efficiency of their online shops. The fact that Magento puts you responsible for your hosting gives you more work of having to look for the right host. The worse thing about hosting outside your e-commerce software is that you are never guaranteed perfect services.


So many new online investors have found favor in working with Shopify for their small and medium enterprises. There are more reasons as to why you would want to choose Shopify over Magento if you are getting into e-commerce for the first time.

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