What Sets Shopify Apart From Magento?

Although Shopify and Magento have given online businesses the chance to operate flawlessly, you should know that they are not the same. When setting up shop online for the first time, you will probably want software that you will work with all the way even after your online shop grows to become a large enterprise. As much as you can use either Magento or Shopify, here are some of the [...]

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Why Shopify Is the Better Software

In as much as Magento is a serious competitor of Shopify, some factors make Shopify the first choice for many new online entrepreneurs. We all know that being new is not easy anywhere especially in a business environment. If you are considering opening an online shop, here are the reasons why you would want to go with Shopify; Easy steps to set up and get going Shopify is the most [...]

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What can make you choose Magento Community over Shopify Plus?

As much as Shopify is right for small and medium-sized enterprises, it might not be as convenient for you as you would want. You should know that the type of e-commerce you select should be suitable for the kind of business that you intend to run on your site. Some of the essential features of Magento that makes it superior over Shopify include; Accepts more third-party plug-ins Although Shopify Plus [...]

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